Education Support Provided for NCS Students

Education Support Provided for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Students Objectives

  1. Facilitate non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students’ early adaptation to the local education system and mastery of the Chinese language.
  2. Provide additional Chinese language learning courses for NCS students.

Content of the programme

  1. Provide additional Chinese language classes and after-school tutorial classes for NCS students in order to consolidate their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in Chinese language.
  2. Read storybooks with our teachers during reading sessions to learn Chinese in an authentic way.
  3. Teaching Assistants assist NCS students with learning difficulties in Chinese Writing lessons.

School Support Summary

  1. 2022/2023 School Year School Support Summary
  2. 2021/2022 School Year School Support Summary
  3. 2020/2021 School Year School Support Summary



  1. Education Bureau:Non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students — Support to parents and students
  2. Education Bureau:Non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students — Self-learning Resources for NCS students
  3. Learning Chinese is Fun (愉快學中文)
    This material was compiled according to the Guide to the Pre-primary Curriculum 2006 and documents on non-Chinese speaking students learning Chinese for non-Chinese kindergarten students and newly-arrived children learning Chinese. Parents could use this as teaching aids for students, helping them to integrate into the society.
  4. Living Chinese (生活學中文)
    This programme is supported by the Language Fund to design a collection of teaching materials for NCS students based on daily life situations, and the themes include clothing, food, housing, transportation, public facilities, public entertainment and personal interests, etc. While the elementary school students can read together among each other under the guidance of teachers or read with their parents, upper elementary school students can study on their own. At the same time, parents are also encouraged to use the materials to learn together and read together with their children, so as to cultivate a family learning atmosphere and to make Chinese a part of students’ lives.
  5. C-for-Chinese@JC (賽馬會友趣學中文) – Basic Chinese App
    Being immersed in a fun Chinese learning environment at home is vital for your children to learn Chinese at a young age. To help non-Chinese speaking (NCS) ethnic minority (EM) students learn Chinese more fun and effectively, the C-for-Chinese@JC has created an interactive mobile game called “C-for-Chinese@JC– Basic Chinese” that makes listening, reading, and writing Chinese fun. While this Chinese learning app is designed for kindergarten and primary students of 3 to 6 years old, parents can also take advantage of the games to spend time with their children and improve their Chinese proficiency.
    App enhancement for a wider scope of content and variety of games in reading, writing, listening and speaking for children aged 3 to 9 years old is coming soon, please stay tuned!
  6. HK Chinese Learning (香港小學習字表)
    The program was designed according to the guideline of Lexical Lists for Chinese Learning in Hong Kong to help students learn the correct order of strokes of Chinese words.



  1. 協助非華語學生盡早適應主流學校的中文課程
  2. 為非華語學生提供額外的中文學習課程,以學好中國語文


  1. 提供額外中文課節及課後學習支援小組,以鞏固非華語學生在中文課堂的學習
  2. 由老師帶領,在閱讀課與非華語學生進行圖書伴讀活動
  3. 安排教學助理協助中文程度落後的非華語學生於寫作課堂學習


為非華語學生提供的教育支援 –  學校支援摘要

  1. 2022/2023 學年學校支援摘要
  2. 2021/2022 學年學校支援摘要
  3. 2020/2021 學年學校支援摘要



  1. 教育局:非華語學童—給家長和學生的配套與支援
  2. 教育局:非華語學童—非華語學生自學資源
  3. 愉快學中文
  4. 生活學中文
    本教材得到語文基金資助,為非華語學生設計一套以日常生活情境為主題的教材,提升其閱讀及會話的能力,同時鼓勵非華語家長進行親子共讀。本教材適合學校用作中文科的補充教材或課外讀物,初小學生可在教師指導下共讀或親子共讀 ; 高小學生則可以自學。同時亦鼓勵家長一同使用本教材學習,進行親子共讀,培養家庭學習氣氛,讓中文成為學生生活的一部分。
  5. C-for-Chinese@JC (賽馬會友趣學中文)
    為了讓增强非華語少數族裔學生學習中文的興趣,提升他們中文學習的成效,「賽馬會友趣學中文」計劃設計了兒童手機遊戲「賽馬會友趣學中文-入門」,讓學習中文聽、讀、寫變得更加互動有趣。 這款中文學習應用程式專為3至6歲的幼稚園及小學生設計,非華語少數族裔家長也可與孩子一起學習,提升自己的中文水平。

  6. 香港小學習字表 – 根據官方指引設‪計
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